2017 and pfSense - Gigabit Internet setup

  • Next year I may be able to get gigabit internet from my ISP.  So naturally I would like to make sure my pfSense router is prepared for it.  At present I have a custom setup with an ITX mobo with a Celeron J1900 and 8 GB ram.  It is currently running the Nanobsd booted from USB drive.  It has 3 NICs.  The two onboard are Realtek 8111G and the expansion is an Intel NIC.  As far as packages it has pfblocker (inactive) and snort running.

    I had read elsewhere that the J1900 had a max throughput of ~300 Mbps with snort so I wasn't sure i that was still accurate or if an upgrade was needed.  I am looking at an i3-6100 as a successor if the J1900 is not enough.  I do not plan to use VPN in this setup.


  • You could run an iperf test from one port to the other and that will tell you the MAX forwarding rate your little box can do. It will NOT tell you the max internet speed with routing, rules, packages, etc..

    To be honest, I would be surprised if you get more that 800Mbits per sec. with realtek.

    OR you could be less silly and do iperf from your desktop to your router.. haha I need to sleep.