Feature request: deleting logs older than n days

  • I think that the Systems Logs view is quite nice. It's also nice that you can restrict the size of the log files. However, I haven't found an option to purge log entries older than a certain amount of time (e. g. 5 days). By purging I don't simply mean a filter in the GUI but an actually removal of older log entries from log files. In case I haven't simply missed this feature I'd like to propose this as a feature request.

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    The logs are circular. Does not make sense and cannot be done.

  • It really does make sense. There're countries that have laws regarding log retention times for logs that may contain personal data (e. g. captive portal logs etc.). So the question how to erase logs after a certain period of time is reasonable. And I'm pretty confident it can be done, however, if you're saying that it can't be done with pfSense's onboard tools, then I need to look into doing it manually (something I really wanted to avoid).

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    Install syslog-ng on pfSense (or another box), point pfSense there, disable local logging and rotate as needed. The circular logs do not support any such thing, oldest entries go when there's no more space for the new ones.

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