Problems with bridging WLAN, LAN and WAN

  • I'm having an issue I hope you can help with, on a pc running pfsense 2.2.6.
    The machine is a transparent firewall/filtering bridge; I've bridged lan and wan so lan and wan have no ip address; the bridge has an ip address that belongs to the internal subnet and a default gateway which is a separate cisco catalyst appliance.
    On the bridge I've also configured a DHCP server for LAN clients.
    So far so good. The problems started when I wanted to use the pfsense box as a wifi access point, so I added an usb wifi adapter and configured it as an OPT interface (OPT2, since OPT1 is the bridge).
    I configured all the wifi parameters, and then I added the OPT2 interface to the bridge, so the bridge was now lan + wan + wifi.
    It was more or less working (the filtering bridge was still working; the wireless clients could connect to the wifi network and they could get a lease from the dhcp server listening on the bridge interface; and all the clients (wired and wireless) could get on the Internet with no problems.
    So at first I thought it was OK; then I noticed I wasn't getting any more netflow data from the softflowctl package installed on the machine.
    I checked and saw that the softflowctl service was stopped and it wouldn't start no matter what… then I noticed other anomalies, namely I couldn't browse the list of available packages (unable to fetch the web page).
    In other words, it appeared that the pfsense box could not reach the outside world anymore... I think maybe adding the wifi interface to the bridge messed up routing somehow.
    I removed the wifi interface from the bridge and rebooted, and now it seems to be working normal.
    I could configure the wifi interface in standalone mode, but I would rather it to be bridged to LAN.
    Any thoughts about the issue? Is it possible to create a second bridge, and include only LAN and WLAN in this second bridge? Would this fix the issue?

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