Dell DCCY OptiPlex™ 740 Athlon X2

  • Hi to all!

    new to the forum and to pfSense I would like to try an install on a sitting-around-the-house pc….

    Is a 2007 Dell DCCY OptiPlex™ 740 with Athlon X2  and 1 giga of RAM (maybe I am able to find more around up to 8).

    Is this enough to run a proper session of pfSense? Or I should invest into new hardware?

    I would like to setup:

    1 guest wifi (non firewalled directly with provider modem wifi)
    1 LAN+Wifi for IoT (with a lynksis router)
    1 LAN for NAS (maybe using one ETH port directly to the firewall or a switch)

    According to reaserch it has PCI Express slot any suggestion for a giga eth with 1 or 2 port (4 looks like out of budget).

    Thanks for support! Can't wait to play with it!

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