• As a result of the recent snoopers charter passing in the UK, I've decided to try and set up a VPN on my network.  I already had a subscription with private internet access and, since they had comprehensive instructions for pfsense, I decided to stick with them.

    Everything seems to work fine - except that Netflix won't work.  I half expected that, but thought I could set up an exception.  I tried to do so based on the instructions here.

    Unfortunately, Netflix still complains that I'm using "an unblocker or proxy".

    Here are my settings:

    Is what I want to do even possible?

  • Not that I'm aware of.  They have been very tenacious in finding and blocking every exit point of every VPN service on Earth.  They also block the netblocks used by all the major datacentres.  I have a Linode VPS hosted in New Jersey and I thought my OpenVPN instance would let me watch American Netflix.  Nope.  Blocked.  Most of the VPNs that advertised being able to circumvent Netflix have taken down their claims.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That looks like it is going to be a case of whack-a-mole trying to keep that list of netflix IPs current.

    If your netflix clients are easily-identifiable, like TVs and set-top-boxes, you might see better results sending all traffic sourced from those devices out WAN instead of trying to match all the various destinations.

    They might be looking at where your DNS queries are coming from, too.

  • @Derelict, unfortunately, that would largely defeat the purpose of the VPN since the list of devices includes tablets and smartphones.

    @KOM - which was why I was hoping to configure pfsense to route all netflix traffic to WAN instead of the VPN…

  • which was why I was hoping to configure pfsense to route all netflix traffic to WAN instead of the VPN

    Sorry, your explanation was a little vague and I thought you were trying to avoid being blocked when using foreign Netflix instead of local.  You would normally use policy routing via firewall rules to determine which WAN your traffic goes out.  You could have a rule on LAN such that all traffic from your TV's IP address is routed out the WAN gateway.  How do you currently have your config so that everything is going out the VPN?