• Hello All,
    I am new to pfsense and am trying to get it set up.  I installed to HD with no issues. I have also been able to assign the WAN link/interface.  Using 'Auto-detection' the motherboard NIC is coming back as "msk0".  However, the Rosewill RNG-407 PCIe NIC (Realteck controller) that I installed will not detect a LAN connection.  After I connect the LAN cable, I wait for the link lights and ….nothing.  I have tried plugging the WAN cable in (to confirm that it isn't just the cable/connector) and the same response from pfsense--no link-up detected.

    I thought this card was supported but I am beginning to question whether I need to install a package/driver of some sort in order to get the NIC to work.

    How can I get this NIC to do some work?

    Any advise appreciated.


  • This card should be supported by driver included, but i have seen some posts on google fpund different communities and most of the problems with this card are hardware related, hardware compatibility issues or even failures. Try to install different OSes and versions to confirm that card is fully working. pfSense 2.1.5 is known version that just works with this card, for example.

  • Thanks for the info.  I'll try a live linux distro of some sort and see if I can get the card to respond.