IPSec VPN with Multiple Remote IPs

  • I am attempting to create an IPSec VPN connection to a facility that requires three individual IP addresses allowed to process data.  They are non-consecutive IP addresses (example,,  I have set up VPNs using single IP and subnet/network range but I am uncertain how to configure for three individual IP addresses.  They will not give me access to their subnet beyond that approved three addresses.  Do I set up three phase2 IP/32 addresses?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use three separate Phase 2 entries.

  • i have done something similar before, except i created the phase1 and phase2 as if they were completely normal using the full /24 lan subnet, but then on the IPSec firewall rules tab, i did not create an any:any rule.  i just created a rule for the specific IP address(s) that were allowed to access the tunnel.

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