Getting Started: Networking, Firewall, perhaps pfSense too?

  • Hello!

    Having done some (hobby) admin work, most of which successful, but all done via googling and trial and error, I notice that I am still lacking a lot of the basics and the underlying understanding.

    Is there some good book/tutorial/place to get started with learning this? Rather than post dozens of n00b questions here?

    I am interested in:

    • routing
    • VPN
    • firewall

    Later on I plan to do load balancing/Multi WAN (for increased performance and connection reliability) and have to configure static VPN tunnels to some clients' nets. I am also thinking about running pfSense on a dedicated hosted machine in order to get a static IP as well as great availability and then see how to integrate that into the local network or whether to do something like SSH into the hosted machine.

    Many thanks!

  • The official pfSense book.

    This book is free: An Introduction to Computer Networks.

    There are many free texts you can find online from Cisco. Their texts are top-notch.

  • Many thanks!

    I found some good videos on youtube. I probably should look more often there. :) is a 3h introduction by a Microsoft guy into networking.

    There also is a (right now) 7-part introduction to pfSense, that is also quite good, though it is a little more of a reference video, going through all web-ui options one by one.

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