Bridging/forwarding ipsec Lans

  • Hi im trying to bridge/forward Ipsec VPNs but it does not seem to work, let me explaing further.

    i get a net from remote site via ipsec and to my main office/server-pfsense and i want that net to be reacherble on my remote sites as well so i forward it via ipsec conenction,
    i made a ping test and does not work.

    ExternalRemoteNet-ipsec  -> main office pfsense –> remote sites via ipsec.

    I have an any/any firewall rule on ipsec, and when i do a capture i can see the ping go trough the firewall fine!

    do i need to etup a route or somthing to make this work?

  • IPSec is routet on LAyer2 and your bridge is working on Layer2, could this be your Problem?

    If you will try out L2TP over IPSec it would be a better Chance to reach your Goal.

  • Hi BlueKobold, thanks for your reply.

    im not running a bridge im just trying to get to the ipsec nets on my pfsense.

    we are using sonicwalls now and it works, but i want to replace them with pfsense boxes, and i cant get this to work.

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