Dynamic shaper and VIP clients

  • How to configure shaper for this rule - some  computers there needs priority bandwith and the rest of the office can run slower when those PC are not in use.  If VIP offline - traffic shaper is not working, when VIP online - bandwith is divided 90%/10% (90% - VIP, 10% - other clients)

  • It doesn't work that way.  How is the shaper supposed to know when your boss is "online", whatever that means?  Set up a PRIQ shaper and you will get the desired effect you want without needing to worry about how, what and when.  All boss traffic goes into a priority queue, all others into a lower queue.  Done.  Start with the wizard, play around with it and ask questions here if something doesn't make sense.

  • Is that so? Sorry for my english (my skills is really poor). But in your version the traffic will be cut off permanently. I need flexible traffic limits.

  • But in your version the traffic will be cut off permanently.

    No, it won't.  The only way that traffic would be cut off would be if the boss was running torrents and using all of your bandwidth.  Then he would get it all and nobody else would get any.  Since that is unlikely to happen, I wouldn't worry about it.  And if it does happen, then you can start looking at HFSC shaper instead of PRIQ.

  • Ok thx for help, i wil try to configure shaper over HFSC

  • Well, I did suggest that you use a PRIQ since it is much easier to configure and understand.  You want to go with the hard one.  Good luck to you.

  • I set next queues:

    queue  qLink on em1 bandwidth 200Mb qlimit 500 hfsc( red ecn default ) 
    queue  qInternet on em1 bandwidth 50Mb hfsc( red ecn upperlimit 50Mb ) {qACK, qVIP}
    queue   qACK on em1 bandwidth 8Mb hfsc( red ecn realtime 8Mb upperlimit 12Mb ) 
    queue   qVIP on em1 bandwidth 40Mb hfsc( red ecn realtime 35Mb upperlimit 37Mb )  

    Will it works? Bandwith is 50 MB/sec

  • I'm not an HFSC guy so I'm not certain of these settings but you need to make sure that your specified bandwith limits are less than your tested maximums.  For example, if you have a 50 Mbps link for your ISP and speedtest shows that you consistently get 47 Mbps, then you should set your qInternet bandwidth setting to 90-95% of the tested speed, so instead of using 50 Mbps, you would set it to 43 Mbps.  You need to be the bottleneck if you want to shape the traffic properly.  Same goes for LAN.  qLink should be 90-95% of either your witch speed or direct cable speed.  200 Mbps seems low for Gigabit and high for 10 Mbit.

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