DNS Limit on Mult-WAN

  • So under PFSense under General setup there are only 4 slots to put in DNS entries for 4 WAN's.  What if you want to have more than 4 WAN's?  If you try to add a 5th WAN and cannot assign a DNS server to it then traffic will not go out the interface.  Right now we are capped at 4 modems for LAN parties.  Looking to add a few more modems but unless there is a way to do it that I dont know about , the only option is to add another PFSense firewall and have some layer 3 routing go on either on the core or on each PFSense box.

    The reasoning for more WAN's / modem's is that I am using LAN rules to route  traffic out specific WAN's so I don't have to do shaping.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use default gateway switching and leave at least one DNS server without a gateway selected under System > General setup (Or use the DNS Resolver with forwarding mode off)

  • Awesome thanks I will give that a shot!!!

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