Can't open port 80

  • I need port 80 open temporarily. I'm not sure if I'm just not looking in the right place but from what I can tell I have opened port 80 by adding a firewall rule to allow traffic to pass, but port 80 does not appear to be open.

    I ran a scan and it shows no ports open from wan. Other than adding this rule what do I need to do to allow traffic to pass in through port 80?

    Here are my rules:

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You set a source port. You had to click Display Advanced then ignore this:

    Specify the source port or port range for this rule. This is usually random and almost never equal to the destination port range (and should usually be 'any'). The 'to' field may be left empty if only filtering a single port.

  • I set it to PASS port 80, if I invert this wont it block port 80?

  • @Atreides:

    I set it to PASS port 80…

    In your scrnsht: Nope.

    You want your destination on port 80. Source (port) is not yours, it's somebody from some IP some port.
    Compare it to your rule number "4", what, you think, does that do ?

    Is pfSense GUI on port 80 ? And password protected OK ?

  • Of course, of course. Thanks i'll give that a shot.

    And no, it's on a separate port with a very strong password.

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