PBR with IPsec VPNs

  • Howdy,

    Apologies if I've picked the wrong forum.

    With the new Internet monitoring rules in the UK I'm planning on making use of an external VPN provider to have my traffic break out of somewhere else in the world to sidestep this.

    As a family full of online gamers I'm keen to only send specific (mostly web) traffic to this VPN, which I intend to establish via IPsec - allowing the rest of the traffic to break out to my ISP as normal to ensure I add no more latency to my high priority traffic.

    I'm having problems wrapping my head around how, or even if, this could work. I have a fairly minimal, and traditional view of VPNs and routing so my instinct is to define the VPN and the interesting traffic as part of the VPN configuration. In my mind I'd need to define as the destination network and I'm struggling to see how I could bring up the VPN without this.

    I suppose my question is, if I define my VPN to send all traffic to the VPN provider, would outbound ACLs with my normal default gateway defined force traffic towards my ISP and not to the VPN? Or would I simply define no remote networks in my VPN and manage that from an ACL?

    Yours, Confused.


  • Seems I may be making this more complicated than it needs to be, I'm going to attempt to use SNAT to match traffic for certain protocols and re-write the source IP to a new dummy range only used by my connection to the VPN provider.

    Probably best to ignore my waffle for now :)

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