Fresh Install - No route to host

  • Hello,

    I have done a fresh install of Pfsense 2.3.2-RELEASE (19 July) and i have made the following configuration :

    INTERNET - IPCop (local ip - LOCAL NETWORK 3.0/24 - PFsense (local ip, external ip 3.30, gw 3.1) - LOCAL NETWORK 20.0/24

    Actually, Pfsense can ping my local network (20.0/24) and WAN Gateway can ping 3.0/24 network and 3.1 (next hop) gateway too.
    Proxy parameters are defined in system => advanced => miscellanelous.
    Local network 20.0/24 clients have 20.1 as gateway and their browser have 3.1 as proxy configuration with credentials.

    For information, I have actually seen this topic, but it doesn't seem to be this problem :

    The problem is that when i am in homepage i see that Pfsense is unable to check for updates.
    So i ran several tests and found out that in Diagnostics / Command Prompt, it returns "No route to host" when executing this command : fetch -v
    Resolving is working so it's not about DNS.
    Default route is correctly defined in Routing / Gateway as IPCop 3.1 gateway.

    I looked into gateway to see if it was online, and obviously was since it's network 20.0/24 can access to internet with defined proxy credentials.
    I suspect it's a missing route or configuration to add that i might have forgotten.

    Can someone point it out ?
    I'm not routing as usually it would be done, for a few specific reasons NAT is actually the way to go …

  • Well some more news.

    It seems apparently values for proxy in Proxy parameters that are defined in system => advanced => miscellanelous aren't taken in count (at least username and password) …
    I edited manually environment variable for freebsd with the following:

    setenv HTTP_PROXY=http://username:password@gatewayip:port
    fetch -v

    And it went successfully.

    When i checked environment variable with "env" it was only ip and port for HTTP Proxy.

    However it seems not working for HTTPS even when changing envs for HTTPS ...
    What is the point of having Proxy parameters in pfsense if they aren't taken into count ?

  • same problem here .. how can I be sure the proxyuser and proxypass are taken into account (they are store in the xml file), but impossible to check for update.
    I have no access to the log of the proxy so I cannot investigate on that side.

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