DNS-DHCP on Pfsense, with Server AD. problem Net Join.

  • Hi.  Sorry for my english.

    I have a network,  with  3 vlans (switch hp),  before install pfsense. The Active Directory (domain: class), start DNS and DHCP.  WIndows 7  netjoin in domain class.

    After install pfsense,  DHCP y DNS in Pfsense,  and disable (dhcp) on AD.

    DHCP on DNS in pfsense, domain in class:  dhcp  (domain, search, wins, etc)

    But the problem:  When net join a New PC,    no found domain class.

    older PC, yes join.

    Only the new pc (for register).  have problem.

  • Banned

    AD joined computers should NOT ever point to pfSense for DNS or DHCP. Period.

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