No Internet access on client machines

  • I've just set up pfSense but i'm having trouble getting internet access on client machine's to work. I've set up a captive portal and the client machine can see it and authenticate ok. When trying to access a website it just hangs and times out.

    To troubleshoot I've disabled the firewall in system->advance->firewall&nat

    I can ping and tracert out to on the WAN port
    the interfaces are both showing a green up icon
    I've been able to download and install packages on pfsense ok (installed squid)

    PFsense is currently created in a VM with 2 nic adapaters, one for LAN and one for WAN.
    Lan IP is set at
    WAN IP is set at

    There is a rule on the router to redirect all port 80 traffic to go to

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