Multiwan configuration problem..Help needed!

  • Hi,

    I am a newbie in pfsense. Features are great and very handy to use. I am writing here for helping me a failover configuration issue from expertises here. I could not figure out how i can configure this. My ISP gave to Three IP adresses 1 IP(WAN/REAL) for routed and the other two's are say GW: relates to vlan 10 and GW: relating to vlan 20. I have been using single pfsense box.The problem is how i configure this route this to the WAN IP say X.X.X.85/29. As a whole the scenario is:

                                                                |              (VLAN 10)                        |
        Internet Cloud <------Real/Wan IP--|                                                      |--------> LAN
                                                                |                                                      |
                                                                                (VLAN 20)

    Hope you understand the scenario. Now, Please can somesone tell me with step by step configuration process for single pfsense box.