CARP and Hyper-V

  • Hi all,

    I've successfully deployed CARP (partly) on my two Hyper-V VM pfSense 2.3.2 instances in that the master and slave all sync without error. I created the necessary virtual IPs for the various interfaces, (WAN, LAN, OPT) but am running into a few issues. Rather than me posting irrelevant info first, I'm going to humbly ask the community for some assistance in sorting out my issues. I'm a 20 year network engineer by trade but still learning my way around the finer points of pfSense. Here are the primary issues.

    1.) Within hours of activating CARP, the DHCP server on node1 stopped working.
    2.) Via the LAN interface, my workstation learned the MAC address of the LAN Virtual IP as seen in the Windows ARP cache but I could not ping that interface.

    Since DHCP stopped and thus all kinds of devices and computers on the LAN dropped off, I quickly disabled CARP to get the pool back up and running. So at the moment, CARP is back to disabled.

    I've read as many tutorials and docs as possible before posting here. What info would anyone request from me before positing any troubleshooting advice?

    Thanks for any assistance from the community,


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