Wireless adapter not working

  • Hi.

    I have PFSense on my virtual machine in Hyper-V. I have made a virtual switch for my WAN connection, and one for my LAN connection and configured it in PFSense, and everything is working just fine.

    The thing is that I want to add a wireless network adapter. So i made a virtual switch, for the wireless network adapter. However, when I'm in PFSense and is trying to make a interface for the adapter, I cant choose wireless settings. The network port is called "hn2 (00:15:5d:01:03:08)"

    Anyone who got any ideas what is wrong, and how it can be fixed?

    The wireless network adapter is a ASUS PCE-AC68 AC1900 and the latest driver should be installed.

    PFSense version is 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)

    The host system is running Windows 10.

  • you can't do what you want todo.
    the host-os is "advertising' a generic NIC towards the guest-os. you can't set 'wireless settings' on a normal NIC.

    get a proper accesspoint. don't waste time/money on trying to get sub-optimal performance on a builtin wireless solution using pfSense.

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