2 ipsec tunnels

  • Hi all

    I am using: 1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA built on Wed Sep 10 03:57:33 EDT 2008 FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p4
    and I am trying to setup two ipsec tunnels, but pfsense try always to use the remote ip address setup in the first tunnel.
    (The first tunnel works)
    Any ideas ?



  • I noticed that this problem appears when I try to create a new tunnel copying the settings from the first one.
    In fact pfsense uses the 2 phase2 for each tunnel.

    No problems If I press the + to create new tunnel with new settings.


  • Thanks for the bug report. I will make sure this gets corrected.

  • I just committed a fix for this problem. Thanks again for bringing the issue to my attention.

  • I am very happy to give help :)

    only one question: why when I disable the phase1 should I keep the phase 2 of the same tunnel enabled ?
    Isn't better to automatically disable the phase2 when I disable the phase1 ?

    thanks for the great job, I like this project very much.


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