Downloading factory version fro FW-7551?

  • I purchased a Fw-7551 two years ago. I had a one year gold subscription that expired, so pretty sure I registered it.

    Now I believe I need to reload it and am looking at this page:

    I see no "Active resources" to find the original image when I log in to my portal.

    Do I need to have an active subscription for this unit to download the factory image?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If your account doesn't have access to the factory images you can use the CE install images on that without any issues. Even if it's got a CF at this point in time I'd use the serial memstick to perform a full install on there. An SSD would be a better fit but that will still work on CF.

    Primary reason being that NanoBSD is not available on pfSense 2.4 so you'll have a smoother upgrade path now if you make the switch when you're already planning for some downtime.

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