Site cannot be reached - then loads

  • First page load on some websites will throw the error that the "Site cannot be reached" - but within a few seconds will usually load on it's own. Sometimes if I refresh a few times it will also load. I have checked logs, disabled/removed squid/squidGuard. I verify DNS from local machine does a lookup fine on the name.
    I have "Clear invalid DF bits instead of dropping the packets" checked in Adv->Firewall/NAT, also Disable Firewall Scrub is checked and I set Firewall Optimization to 'conservative' (per a few articles I've found)

    pfSense is my DNS server - I have several VLANs - have tried a couple of them and exhibit same behavior on same site.
    ( for example will give ERR_CONNECTION_RESET and "This site can't be reached" on GUEST wifi as well as Private wired)
    I have combed thru firewall rules - but nothing stands out. And I'd assume if it is blocked it would stay blocked instead of letting traffic pass after initial load.
    There does seem to be a difference in behavior from mobile on Wifi vs Wired PC tho. On mobile - won't load at all - after several refreshes still fails. On PC wired, it auto-loaded within a couple seconds of the initial failure. Also on PC seems once it loads it's ok it seems to work after that.

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