Monitoring Traffic WLAN Interface per IP

  • Hi @ll,

    i use latest version of pfSense on pcengines apu.1d with 3 interfaces (WAN - LAN - WLAN). A  Edimax CAP1200 access point is connected on my wlan interface.
    Further on captive portal is configure at wlan interface. For various reasons squid proxy and squidguard can not be used, even not as transparent proxy.

    wlan clients –> wlan ap --> wlan interface (pfSense) --> captive portal --> internet

    My goal:
    Collect/ monitoring traffic from each wlan client and get a total traffic per month AND per wlan client.

    I installed ntopng but i think, ntopng is not the right tool for me. I read something about bandwidthd and i think this is the right tool for me. But in latest pfSense version this package is not available.

    What can i do to collect traffic from wlan per client and per month?
    Is it possible to use zabbix-agent and send traffic logs to zabbix-server so that i see on zabbix-server the total traffic of wlan interface and wlan client? Only total wlan traffic can i handle with the zabbix-agent, but i do not find a way how i log/monitor per wlan client.

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

    Best regards

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