Routing Protocols on the IPSec Interface

  • Hello all,

    I'm trying to connect one network with a PFSense appliance to another network with a Juniper SRX. One of the thing we're trying to do is connect the sites with OSPF or BGP. I'm being limited on the PFSense side by not being able to configure Quagga to use the enc0 tunnel interface. If I do a tcpdump on the enc0, I can see the OSPF hello packets to but obviously multicast packets won't route anywhere themselves. I can't setup IGMP because that requires a named interface as well. Given the problems and instability with IPSec tunnels and OpenBGPD in 2.3.2 a multi-hop BGP is out currently since the Quagga BGP is pulled out of the configuration.

    So, quite simply, is anyone doing routing protocols over the PFSense IPSec setup and, if so, how?


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