Newly installed pfSense box isn't connecting to the internet.

  • Okay so I'm not incredibly network savvy or even Linux savvy, but here I am installing a pfsense box at my business because it's the best available firewall. So I'm running it on an old dell server with 2 xeons and 8gb of ram and a raid 5 array. It has an installed nic for the wan and i'm using the 2 onboard nic's for 2 seperate lans. That's all fine. I had it a test environment connected to our existing network here at work ( and created two outbound lans for it. ( and I had to configure the second Lan's (opt1) firewall to match the original lan and after that, each lan was able to see the internet. I figured all was well, and went to deploy it to become my new firewall. I plugged the all knowing comcast into the wan, and the 200 network into the 201 lan port (I reconfigured that to be 200 on the pfsense box immediately, and yes, i made sure the DHCP Range was also set to 200.) and poof. I could connect and talk to the pfsense box just fine, but no internet. Now i had to unplug from the pfsense box to get my network back because it's the only one i've got, but did i miss something? Maybe i need to make sure the Lan's firewall rules are set to the address and not

  • Does pfSense WAN have access?  Can you use Diagnostics - Ping to ping anywhere?  The default rule for LAN is Allow for Any, so it should have no restrictions.  OPT1 (LAN2) has no default rule so one must be added.  Make sure you do NOT specify a gateway for either LAN1 or LAN2 in their respective pfSense config options.

  • Did you get this working?  I have something similar, but with mine I have Internet over Ethernet, but not with WiFi.

    You might need to change that Firewall setting to the 200.x subnet.