Replacing the built in Relatek driver on freeBSD10.3 or 11?

  • Is there anyone that can help me update the built in Re driver in freebsd 10.3(pfsense 2.3) or 11(pfsense 2.4)? I ask because it woudl solve my watchdog timeout issue i have been having when my WAN NIC is saturated (> 100Mbps) as posted here on the freeBSD forum :

    Problem is i am piss poor at linux, freeBSD, Unix.. you name it that's not windows :)

    I have never compiled a lick.

    or if anyone can point me in the right direction to accomplish this myself? Do i have to compile the code on the Zotac Box I am using with the realtek card? or can i compile it in a more powerful VM then export the compiled driver?

    Is there anyway maybe the dev team can incorporate the latest drives into a build? i know its not a priority but i am sure it woudl solve a lot of users realtek NIC issues.

    thanks for taking the time.

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