Strange problem with SquidGuard and DNS Resolver

  • Not sure if it belongs in this section, but perhaps it does.

    I had a perfectly fine 2.3.1 pfSense installation working with SquidGuard (to block an array of websites) and DNS Resolver (to block facebook's https).
    I decided to replace the disks, so I did the full config backup, replaced the disk, installed pfSense 2.3.2 on it and restored the config.

    Everything seemed to work, until I realised that boths SquidGuard and DNS Resolver settings have absolutely no impact.
    They are enabled, pfSense says SquidGuard is running, but whatever blocked website you want, you can connect to from any of the lan clients.

    So after hours of fruitless troubleshooting, I decided to reinstall 2.3.1 - still the same problem.
    So finally, I put the old disk back in with the previously working blocking… only to discover it changed nothing!

    I am completely out of ideas...

  • I am completely out of ideas…

    One idea might be to verify the component parts of your solution.  Squidguard sits on top of squid.  Is squid working?  When you do a lookup of, does Resolver return an expected reply?

  • Have not found any faults in logs. However, after random reboot (pulled the plug from the pfSense machine by accident), things started to work again.
    I will investigate it deeper if it occurs again.

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