Installing PfSense on a Palo Alto Networks PA-200 Appliance

  • Hi All

    I have been successfully using PfSense on an old Check Point UTM appliance for a while now.
    I have a Palo Alto networks PA-200 series appliance available to me and I would like to migrate to this as a hardware platform moving forward if possible.

    I have searched online and on this forum already, I do see someone asking this question but it has no answer:

    In this case, does anyone know if it is possible to load PfSense on to this appliance?

    I have full access to maintenance mode etc… but I cannot see anywhere that allows me to boot from the PfSense USB image I have created.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Cheers - Dave

  • pfSense is a x_86 based firewall software and since a few month or so also ARM based
    but not for all ARM devices, as I know it. And if this PA-200 will be also based on x86
    hardware you could try it out. But I really think that it would be not able to realize.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not much info on that model but if it's anything like their larger devices it will have a separate data plane and control plane. Almost certainly not going to be any use as a pfSense target even if it was x86 compatible and you were able to install it. The data plane will be ASICs and other uncontrollable hardware. Sorry.


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