CARP VIP on LAN not reachable after master fails

  • Inside a KVM virtual environment for testing purpose I have setup a very simple 2 node HA setup, only to test LAN HA. Not even interested in WAN HA at this time, first things first.
    Syncing works fine, DHCP works fine with the VIP being DNS and gateway, can ping the LAN CARP VIP fine.

    Only, after a failover (forced shutdown of the master) the LAN CARP VIP goes unreachable. I can't ping anymore, reply changing between timed out and host unreachable. The real IP of the backup node is perfectly well responding to pings at that same time but somehow it doesn't respond to the CARP VIP.

    Any ideas? Or where to start looking? Might it be the KVM networking environment? Too bad I don't control it myself, it's a hosted environment, but I have never seen any network issues or blocks there.

  • Hi wickeren,

    what is Status > CARP (failover) saying when both systems are running,
    and how does it look on the second system after shutting down the previous master?

  • Is looks normal to me, MASTER on first node, Backup on second.

    After shutdown of the MASTER, the second becomes MASTER
    To my big surprise, in about 33% of the pings to the CARP VIP I get a reply now, the others time out…..