• Hello to whom ever I have a question about accounts how do I move up to a rank to where I can see things that I am locked out of right now. I clicked on a link to go to learn more about squid and it told me it was ether not there or I didn't have privileges to see it. Can someone tell me where to go to learn more about this forums rules I know I seen them when I signed up some where but now I cant find them I am just all Goofed thanks for any help you will give me.

    I am trying to learn but I am having trouble with setting things up on my pfsense system and I would like to be able to read or follow along in a video of setting up things.  I am just to stupid to get it I guess. So if some one here can help a stupid guy out I would much appreciate it.

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    Your account is not restricted. You'll have to be more specific about what you cannot access.

  • ok when i click on the link in my package manger for squid it tells me this.

    ![Screenshot from 2016-12-09 14-27-33.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot from 2016-12-09 14-27-33.png)
    ![Screenshot from 2016-12-09 14-27-33.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot from 2016-12-09 14-27-33.png_thumb)

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    A link in your package manager? What package manager?

    That is typical if you click on a forum link that has been moved or deleted.

  • Package manager for my pfsense available packages and it is the link that says squid it takes me to that page so is there no more info for squid then.

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  • ok thank you now i have one more stupid question for you how do I use the forum search box do I just type in the question about squid to look up things for the problem I am having. Or do I search the name of the problem I cant seem to get it to find anything when I search so I must be putting it in wrong or something.  For example I was trying to search for info on how to get my http sites to work through the proxy but all I could find was https stuff.  I have just been pulling my hair out trying to learn this stuff. I set it up and then it locks me out of the Internet then I cant get my dish network dish anywhere site to work, I cant get my Kodi box to go to the Internet and I cant get searches from Google to go through after I find what I am searching for on Google and I hit the link if it is a http link or a link without http in front of it it just sets there and dose nothing.  So that is what I am trying to learn is how to get all that working but I think I am just to stupid to get it.  I try to do this stuff on my own cause I don't like to bother folks but man I am just to stupid for this I think I love building things like this router and servers and all kinds of tech stuff but this on is really kicking my back side.

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    I generally use search on the menu bar then advanced search. I would limit the forums to Packages and Packages > Cache/Proxy if you are looking for info about squid.

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