Do I need snort and/or pfblocker ?

  • Hi
    Fresh install of pfsense and now I'm trying to decide if I need snort and/or pfblocker.

    I will be opening port range 5060 to 5070 but only for specific external IP addresses.
    I will have port 21 open to any address and routed to a PC where FTP will only be enabled as needed and when it can be monitored.

    I may open one other port for very specific use, but it will be open to anyone..
    I may need to open some ports for Xbox live.

    Should I use either snort and/or pfblocker ?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Probably not.

    Personally, I would leave the FTP server running and only enable the firewall rule/port forward when it is needed.

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