Windows VPN and PfSense

  • Hey there guys i need some help if somebody there can help me .
    so … my situation is . i have a fiscal machine running windows server 2016 (addc ,dhcp,dns, web server with a few web pages etc etc ) on top of that i have a vm runing pfsense on 2 intel nics . if i am on my lan and want to connect to my server VPN is all ok but for the life of me i have no idea how to open all the necessary ports so i can forward whatever is necessary so i can connect to my network from outside of my network. if i DMZ the server ip it works but i do not want my server to be visible outside my network :/ so i only want to forward the vpn ports please help me .... i am begging you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So you have pfsense running on this 2k16 box.  So pfsense wan is the interface that is exposed to the internet right?

    The setup openvpn on pfsense, vpn in and then you would have access to anything behind pfsense

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