Can't Access a Specific Website

  • Greetings! I've been using pfSense since 1.2. I'm on 2.3.2p1 right now. Apologies in advance if this question seems repetitive. I've searched the forums and tried everything I could find to no avail.

    The website I'm trying to access is the online store where I regularly buy stuff from. They recently moved their servers a few weeks ago so I initially thought that DNS was just taking a long time to propagate but I recently found out by accident that I could access the site if I connect directly to my modem. So I tried troubleshooting if there was something wrong with my pfSense setup. I have no packages installed by the way.

    Ultimately, I tested fresh installs of pfSense from 2.3.2p1 and a few older versions. I've flushed all dns caches each time I tested. I also tried everything listed on

    The weird thing is that I am able to access the website for about 10 minutes right after I do a fresh install. After that I get a "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" in Chrome. Rebooting doesn't help either. It is only during the 10 minutes or so after I do a fresh install that I can access the website. After which I can't anymore. This is also true when I do a traceroute and ping through the web gui. DNS Lookup through the web gui works though. I currently use a VPN just to access this one website.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Traceroute right after fresh install:

    3  2.023 ms  1.922 ms  2.067 ms
    4  1.388 ms  0.966 ms  1.070 ms
    5  151.036 ms  151.129 ms  151.800 ms
    6  192.069 ms  192.471 ms  192.104 ms
    7  199.562 ms  199.122 ms  199.298 ms
    8  206.036 ms  205.712 ms  205.749 ms
    9  205.805 ms  205.799 ms  205.910 ms
    10  205.531 ms 205.443 ms 205.763 ms

    Traceroute after about 10 minutes:

    3  2.184 ms  2.483 ms  1.505 ms
    4  0.955 ms  1.319 ms  0.978 ms
    5  151.297 ms  152.342 ms  151.191 ms
    6  192.815 ms  192.184 ms  192.359 ms
    7  199.576 ms  199.315 ms  199.934 ms
    8  206.546 ms  206.225 ms  206.404 ms
    9  205.927 ms  205.749 ms  205.651 ms
    10  * * *
    11  * * *
    12  * * *
    13  * * *
    14  * * *
    15  * * *
    16  * * *
    17  * * *
    18  * * *

    Thanks again!

  • What happens when you try to resolve the hostname from a local client?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What packages are you running?

    Anything in the firewall logs?

    Site comes up fine here.

    Maybe they are blocking you for some reason?

  • Thank you very much for the quick responses!

    @Nullity - in Chrome, I get a "This site can't be reached ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT". Traceroute times out but doing a dig and nslookup gives me the correct ip of the site.

    @Derelict - I just did a fresh install so I don't have any packages installed at the moment. Nothing's coming up in the firewall logs. I'll try asking them if there's something going on on their end but their website works fine for me when I connect directly to my modem or use my old router.

    Thanks again!

  • Works fine for me too, and we use squid/squidguard with several ACLs and blocked categories.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It's a mystery. Packet capture I guess. If the SYN is going out with no SYN/ACK in return something upstream is blocking.