VLAN trunking

  • How to trunk VLANs without COM port?

    is it possible do it via SSH ?? :'(

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    Should have asked the switch manufacturer instead… ??? ??? ???

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    A little more info would help, are you talking about your pfSense router or switch.

    But as the Dok says if its your switch your looking in the wrong location.

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    What switch do you have?  If your taking about accessing the cli of the switch without a console connection, sure if the switch supports cli access, ie a command line interface then it can be gotten to via ssh, telnet or console cable if has one.

    Depending on your switch it might not even support cli, and can only use web gui, or setup software on a machine.  The cheaper soho smart switches might be like this.  But if has vlan support then you would be able to set that up however your switch is managed.

    Post your switch make and model, and can take a look to the methods of how is configured.

  • It's a 1.8GHz Dual-Core Celeron powered with 8GB RAM and 64GB SSD.

    This is how my switches look like.


    I found a lots How-to, most of them are showing trunking vlan through a console terminal, which I cannot find it normally in ssh terminal

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    that doesn't look like a "switch"  Says ROUTER on it, with multiple WAN ports, and 1 lan - where did you get the idea its switch?  What is the make and model??  There has to be a make and model number on it!!  Or when you log into its gui!!

    But that port all the way on the left is console port where you could get a cli access.

  • This is a great device, allow u to install PFsense.

    All ports are customisable , I was plan to assign a VLAN through a LAN ports, I want to Trunk all VLANs with LAN, so they able to communicate with each other network group, (192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, 192.168.3.x)

    I follow a youtuber : https://youtu.be/uF13fqQvGCs

    I able to create those VLANs, but I tried manually set IP with gateway , I won't get any connection.

    The only working group is 192.168.1.x which has internet connection

    I tried to adds some firewall rules, but it doesn't work.

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    I would assume the interfaces can be configured - doesn't make it a SWITCH!!!

    That is a ROUTER.. not a switch!!  those ports are individual interfaces not switch ports!  If you want a switch, get a switch not a ROUTER!!!

    So you have pfsense on that box..  And what ports are connected to what?  So your internet comes in what port?  Can then you configured vlans on the lan port - which connects to what?  Those other ports on that device are going to be interfaces not switch ports.

    Draw up how you have your devices connected.

    Post up your interfaces in pfsense..

  • I only use ports em0 for internet and em1 for lan & vlans

    diagram: https://goo.gl/yUBvWq (updated)

    Problem: 3 PCs cannot ping each others, I manually config pc02 / pc03 IP address and not internet access

  • Forget about pfSense for a while.
    What is your switch model? Does it support VLANs? Have you configured a single 'tagged' trunk port and multiple 'untagged' regular ports?

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    ^ exactly!!!  What is the make and model of that 24 port switch in your drawing..

    If you have all those free ports on router, and 24 ports to use on your switch..  Why would you hairpin your intervlan traffic like that with putting your vlans just on the em1 interface..  Why not use em2, 3 for your other networks.

    Then you can just create vlans on your switch to isolate your layer 2's and your good to go without having to hairpin intervlan traffic..  Now if your short on ports on the switch ok and you don't do a lot of intervlan traffic..

  • because , we have 3 x Proxmox servers, each servers hosts over 100 VPS, we need more IP addresses , Hope it can be trunk in one port

  • @AndrewZ:

    Forget about pfSense for a while.
    What is your switch model? Does it support VLANs? Have you configured a single 'tagged' trunk port and multiple 'untagged' regular ports?

    My switch just normal unmanaged Gigabit switches

    Isn't that some configuration must be done with pfsense?

  • @roy2019:

    My switch just normal unmanaged Gigabit switches

    Then you need to replace it with a proper one.