Dual NAT - working but connection fails

  • Hello

    I have dual nating of the port 1120 in this order:

    wan Router ->nat -> PFsense -> nat -> Server

    I can see in both the pfsense states and firewall logs, that the connection reaches the server correctly

    In the server, wireshark tells me this:

    However,  the connection fails when the outside computer tries to access that port.
    I can reach this server on that port on local clients, and with my other two wans that are directly attached to pfsense (no dual nat). But this particular wan must have that router before pfsense, hence dual nat.

    any thoughts on what may be failing?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well from your sniff a sent a syn,ack to whatever IP that is.. But clearly it did not get there because, syn keeps being retrans, so syn,ack is retrans.

    Where was that sniff taken?  Sniff on your pfsense wan that is connected to your wan router, do you see the syn,ack being sent to that router?  Is that sniff on the server, where did it send its syn,ack?  Did it not send it back to pfsense?

  • thank you for the reply

    the blacked out ip is the external client ip.  The visible ip is the server behind pfsense.

    The wireshark was taken directly from the server.

    I'll come back later with more packet captures from the client side and pfsense wan.