NAT to External Proxy

  • trying to figure out if possible to forward all LAN outbound destination Ports HTTP+S to webroot security service.

    Currently Each Protected Subnet just is allowed out through PFSense (SquidGuard Transparent)

    basically the destination needed is:

    So for LAN Traffic not going to known Subnets (have a few VLANs)

    5 /10 / 20 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 200

    Initially testing vlan 5 (10 = LAN is routed to another internal L3 Switch) others are handled by PFSense currently

    So Initially LAN Traffic Force to go to external dns name of

    currently also running Transparent Squid with Shav blacklists -but not working as well as I need for a Small Religious School. reporting I can't figure out.

    I'm also ok forwarding all 80 / 443 traffic to for now as well.

    Looking at this:

    the redirect Portions though are not in there and I'm betting they've moved or are on another section like floating rules… just not sure.