Talk between interfaces

  • WAN1 - Public IP
    LAN -
    OPT1 -

    There is a server on LAN1 ( that I want a proxy server ( on OPT1 LAN to communicate with. I am not an advanced pfSense user, but I have used it here and there from time to time.

    In a nutshell (even at the simplest) –- how do I get OPT1 proxy to talk with LAN server? Or How do I get machines on LAN1 to talk with machines on OPT1 --- if I can get this I can narrow isolate it to just the two machines I need.

    The firewall rules I had on LAN were
    Interface: LAN
    Address Family: IP4
    protocol: any
    source: LAN net
    destination: OPT1 net

    The firewall rules I had on OPT1 were
    Interface: OPT1
    Address Family: IP4
    protocol: any
    source: OPT1 net
    destination: LAN net

    Did I do this right? I was unable to even ping or access a share from either server.

  • LAN already has an Allow Any rule so your rule to allow to OPT1 is unnecessary.  I'm thinking your issue is local firewalls, not pfSense.  For example, Windows will block traffic out of its own subnet, so your 172.16.x.x traffic will be blocked by a Winbox on the 192.168.x.x network.