Azure Single NIC pfSense VM. Tunnel Up, but No Traffic

  • Good Evening All,

    Just joined the forums tonight after spending a couple of day using the pfSense for Azure by Netgate.  We have deployed this VM to resolve a couple of site-to-site issues we were having with the Azure VPN Gateway.

    We have configured our pfSense VM with a single NIC, which only creates a WAN interface, yet still provides a Public and Private IP within Azure.  We have established an IPSEC tunnel between our Azure Tenancy and another data center location, and the tunnel comes up just fine.  Unfortunately, traffic is not getting across the tunnel.  We are restricting the traffic to 1433 and 1434, but even using an ANY ANY rule creates the same results.

    I have not created any additional "interfaces" or routes, and I'm coming up short on finding any documentation that relates to my issue.

    Any help anyone could offer would be fantastic!

    Thanks in advance…

  • You may have two addresses assigned to a single NIC interface (one public, one private) but this does not mean that you can route between them. In fact you will NOT be able to route between them.

    You need two interfaces to route or you need subinterfaces or VLANS (in a single interface configuration) where to assign the different IPs so that you can route traffic between them.