CARP dual ISP issue

  • Hi guys

    my setup is as follows:

    2 x Dell R330 4 core/ 4Gb ram each server
    4 NIC cards on each of them.

    I've installed pFsense 2.3 on both of them. enabled CARP and setup 1 LAN CARP IP and 2 WAN CARP IPs - one for each provider

    I've had the system up and running for approx 2 weeks with just some minor test traffic, vpn etc and it worked perfectly fine.

    I followed different online tutorials and also hints from this forum. i have 2 switches on the wan side one for each provider handling the carp so my carp is not being done on the provider CPE

    I even put in like someone suggested that script to update the arp table on the gateway.

    as i said all was working fine.

    two days ago i've put the whole sytem in production and for 12 hours it was perfect.

    and then the hell brake loose.

    connection was flapping between the providers going up and down useless.

    did anybody experience this behavior and if yes were you able to fix it?