New Feature Load Balance Per Amount Of GB

  • Hello dear friends,

    I use fine and with no problem pfsense with many ISP, WiFi SatDSL, 4G . But sometimes this ISP give us only connection with a limited number of GB that we can use . In this case we use more ISP Connections and we balance it in round robin manner but if we exceed this limit the connection goes to slow, no down and failover would not work properly .

    Is it possible to add a new feature that enable the possibility to add to the interface a limit of "consumption" ?

    I'm not a super developer, but with some guidance I can try to write a little patch and test with you the work .

    Best regards .

  • you could probably create a package that hooks into the data of Status_Traffic_Totals (vnstrat) to monitor the usage and disable the interface when a certain amount of gigabytes is transferred.

    you could submit a feature request on to see if the main developers are interested and/or create a bounty for some of the community members