Questions about Load Balancing

  • Hi guys, Good Night!

    I  have an appliance D-link DI-LB604 to do Loading Balacing with 2 cablemodem links (12 MB each).

    But this appliance sometimes break, reboot and I don`t  know why.

    I would like to change this appliance  for the Pfsense 1.2, but I have some questions: 
    1 - Can I load balancing with more than 2 links? 
    2 - The cablemodem give me only one option (a dynamic IP (DHCP) ) . Can I load balacing with dynamic IP? 
    3 -  Is corretc to say that the load Balancing work well with a kind of traffic like peer-to-peer?

    Sorry this questions, but I have some doubts.

    Thanks  very much!

    Best Regards

    Rodrigo Gomes

  • 1: yes
    2: yes, but the different WAN's have to be in separate subnets and cannot have the same gateway.
    3: it works well for me for bittorrent traffic.

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