PfSense crash when connecting to Guest Network

  • Hey folks, I'm fairly new to PfSense so not sure if I'm overlooking something obvious, but this issue has got me at a loss.

    I'm running PfSense as a VM within UnRaid and so far it has been running perfectly.

    For the past couple of days I've been attempting to set up a Guest WiFi Network. I have it set to use VLAN10 while my main LAN has been left untagged. I have a TP-Link managed switch setup to pass the VLAN10 traffic to my Unifi AP which I have set to use VLAN10 associated with the Guest WiFi SSID.

    Everything seems to be working until I attempt to connect to the Guest WiFi. As soon as I try to connect PfSense crashes and reboots. I can see nothing at all in the system log, it just reboots with no errors. The first time this happened it ended up in reboot loop due to file corruption and I had to start from scratch. I have since backed up my PfSense vDisk in case this happens again.

    Now I'm at a complete loss as to how to figure out why this is happening. Any ideas?

  • Ok, it would seem it is a known Bug. It was due to the fact I was running CODELQ on both parent interface and VLAN.

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