PfSense 1.2 - erratic browsing question

  • Hi !

    I am trying to replace an working Freesco (linux router) with a new pfSense router machine.

    When I do the replacement, browsing becomes very slow for a lot of sites but works fine with other sites like, and this pfsense forum !

    Here is my network topology :

    Internet DSL modem – WAN - pfSense router - LAN -- Home network (5 PCs)
                                                                            -- my XP machine

    I was able to set up an ubuntu 8.04.1 router with the same machine with no problem.

    I am using an old Dell GX150 box (1 GHZ, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HD) with 2 NIC (1 onboard used for LAN and 1 PCI used for WAN).

    If I do a traceroute diagnostic with, I am able to get all the traces. But if I try with the other URLs I wont get results eventhough IP resolution is OK !

    Any one has a clue of what's going on ?

  • Thanks Perry !

    I will take a look if that could apply to my own case.

  • Hi,

    It seems to me an mtu mismatch, aka mtu-blackhole, somewhere in between. you may want to your mtu settings on wan, and don't turn any DF thingy on but scrubbing. also it may help that pinging your destination with packet size specified and look for the max packet size you can reach the site. once you find your max mtu, which basically your isp's max though, try not exeed that value for your wan mtu. i always set 1454 for my PPPoE uplink and works like a charm.


  • I thought I should tell you I found out what was the problem : the WAN IP setup was done through the WebGUI and I did not pay enough attention to / "1" next to the address field. I changed it (/24) and it now works fine !

    Thank you guys !

  • Oooops, it happened to me several times… ;D

    Have fun m8!