Netgear 6100d with pfsense

  • I have a netgear 6100d and am looking to use it for wan failover with my pfsense box. The netgear 6100d is a lte modem/router with ip passthrough. I have it setup to passthrough to my pfsense box, but I cant seem to get an ip on pfsense. I configured the lte nic on pfsense with DHCP. Is there a special mode I need to use? Netgear's documentation isn't very helpful, and I can't find anyone with this setup already.

  • The netgear 6100d is a lte modem/router with ip pass-through.

    Is this a hybrid router with capabilities for the load balancing and/or fail over? Then you could try out to get the best
    or most out of that unit together with pfSense, to build a router cascade or dual homed bastion host.

    Netgear Router
    Net: (
    IP Address:
    DHCP server: off

    pfSense behind the Netgear:
    WAN Net:
    static IP

    LAN Net: 172.xx.xx/24
    LAN IP: 172.xx.xx.1/24
    DHCP: on

    Client config: (PC, Laptop,…..)
    IP via DHCP or fix from 172.xx.xx/24
    Gateway: 172.xx.xx.1/24
    DNS: 172.xx.xx.1/24

    Now you get something likes double NAT but it might be mostly only "eating" 3% - 5% of the total throughput.

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