Redirect to squid almost working, but stuck when add the rules to pfsense

  • Hi all.

    I am using pfsense 1.2, squid box is running on dmz using centos4.6 and i am having problem configured it to work with transparent proxy.

    My setup is


    When i manually entered the proxy server address into the browser i can surf without any problems. But once i add the rules for pfsense to redirect all my LAN client to use squid, it gave an error of

    1221638274.348      0 TCP_DENIED/403 1386 GET - NONE/- text/html
    1221638274.350     15 TCP_MISS/403 1420 GET - DIRECT/ text/html
    1221638275.276      0 TCP_DENIED/403 1404 GET - NONE/- text/html
    1221638275.277   6101 TCP_MISS/403 1438 GET - DIRECT/ text/html
    1221638276.075      0 TCP_NEGATIVE_HIT/403 1405 GET - NONE/- text/html
    1221638276.799      0 TCP_NEGATIVE_HIT/403 1405 GET - NONE/- text/html

    What i did was to create a NAT rule.

    Create a portforward interface LAN
    external adress any
    protocol tcp
    external port 80
    nat IP 192.168..5.2
    internal port 3128.

    Any help?? i have been struggling with this problem for quite sometimes now.

  • i'm having the same problem.
    when i entered the proxy manually (3128), it can be done.
    but when i use the redirect rules NAT for LAN interfaces from 80 to 3128, seems to be unresolved web.

    hiks…can anyone help me?

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