MySQL/MariaDB Redundancy

  • I am currently trying to implement some redundancy on my database servers. I currently have two database servers that are both running the latest version of MariaDB on FreeBSD systems. In the past I have always had one machine as the "Primary" and one as the "Secondary" with a Carp Interface shared between them. I was wanting to get rid of the Carp interface on the box and let the Web Servers talk to the database servers via a Carp interface on the Firewall. This seems to work great however when I try to use various tools such as mytop or even the basic mysql commands to see what machine is connected doing processes it reports that it is the firewall and not the web server. Which doesn't let me see what machine is out of control if one does go that way.

    Anyone have some suggestions as help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What are you using to balance between the servers? The built-in relayd load balancer? HAProxy?

    For management purposes you'd always have to connect directly to each individual backend server to query them. You should never attempt to manage anything HA using the failover address, it doesn't matter if it's pfSense or something else. Always address the units individually for management.