Static Public IP with pfSense

  • Alright, so I'm running a classic two NIC setup and I own a Public IP with my ISP. Where and how can I setup pfSense to only use my static public IP so for example if I'm connected to the pfSense and I google "Whats my IP" that public IP needs to be my static IP.

    Any information will help,

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Ok then instead of using dhcp on your pfsense WAN.. Set this as your static you got from your ISP.

    Do you have some isp device in front of pfsense that is natting and is using this public IP??

  • It goes specifically Modem > pfSense > Switch to network.

    The modem is already set to do that so I think if I set up the static it should be good, the boss man was saying I need all this gateway bs typed in too to make it work 100%

  • Until the pfSense is ready for use the current router is using that public IP, yes.