Will HPswitch cause issue with Internet??

  • I have following network setup:

    Internet connected to CISCO Router -> connected to pfSense -> connected to MainSwitch -> connected to other switches - ( i know I dont need CISCO Router but It was they in office so I will just keep it)

    I have a switch HP1920-48G JG927A (with no configuration - new switch but pfsense have configurations)


    When I connect to this switch via console it asks for the IP address so I can connect to admin console via web-browser - this is so I can create VLAN and then filter them on pfsense.

    The question it asks for IP i.e before I can access this switch via web-browser - will this cause problems for other switches with the Internet. I dont want to add a IP and release no one in office have Internet access.

    Does anyone have such a switch and would like to share their experience? I think I can try adding IP and if everyone loss the Internet connection then I can just restart the switch and things should be back to its default state as switch requires its configurations to be saved? These are the options after entering default username/password:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/90q3f36g5nsqvdh/Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 09.42.54.png?dl=0

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    That is a public IP..

    So are you

    inetnum: -
    netname:        DKNET-CNET2
    descr:          Danish Network
    descr:          c/o DIKU
    descr:          Universitetsparken 1
    descr:          DK-2100 Copenhagen O
    country:        DK

    So it is asking for that IP?  Or you want to give it that IP?  What IP range are you using in your network??  You would assign the switch an IP that is on your network, that does not conflict with any other device on that network..

    So for example lets say your network is 192.168.0/24 this common, pfsense lan IP is for example.  And your dhcp pool you hand out is what?? 192.168.0.x-y ???

    You would want to set the switch to an IP that is NOT in your dhcp pool, and does not conflict with any of your other devices that have static or reservations for IPs.

    How are you involved in setting up this switch if you do not understand basic IP addresses?  Confused…