Load balance dude

  • Hi !

    I'm proving pfsense and i love it!

    I have a dude about load balance, when a interface fails? only when the link down? If i have connected the pfsense to a switch, and the switch to the router … and the router connection fails ... pfsense mark this connection like down for the balance ?

    I have two wan lines with ethernet and separated NAT routers, and i want that OPT1 be the backup of WAN, i dont care that the traffic be balanced, but i want that if WAN fails ... all traffic go to OPT1.

    Sorry,  my english is too bad. Thanks for your time in advance.


  • Dead links at single interfaces in the pool will be detected within 5 seconds and excluded from the pool until they are available again. Just enter a monitor IP for each gateway that is repsonding to pings.

    A pure failoveroption (running only one WAN and swap over to a backup WAN2 when WAN fails) isn't implemented yet but it's a feature that is already worked on for head (next release of pfSense, most likely 1.1).

    There is no timeframe for 1.1 yet (in case this is your next question)  ;)

  • Ok, a lot of thanks  ;D

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