2.3.2_1 ipsec.secrets empty

  • I noticed my IPSec VPN wasn't working on 2.3.2 a few days ago and started investigating. Today I updated to 2.3.2_1 and started fresh setting up IPSec. I can't connect and noticed this in the IPSec log:

    charon: 13[IKE] <10> no shared key found for

    Did some more investigating and found out the PSK's are stored in /var/etc/ipsec/ipsec.secrets .

    When I look at that file it's empty.

    -rw–-----  1 root  wheel    0 Dec 22 12:40 ipsec.secrets

    I have tried saving the config again, restarting IPSec, and rebooting PFSense. Nothing seems to commit the PSK I have configured in Phase 1 to be written to the
    ipsec.secrets file.

    Am I missing something?